Click on the ONE button that best applies:

  • I was physically injured, or my loved one was injured and/or killed.
  • I (or my loved one) was NOT physically injured, but was done wrong by someone or some company.
  • I want to get a divorce.
  • I want to file for bankruptcy.
  • I have a property issue I need resolved.
  • I need to have a will drawn up.
  • My loved one is deceased, and I need an estate opened for him/her.
  • I have a criminal matter for which I need representation.
  • I need to form a company.
  • I or my company have a business-related issue that I need legal advice and/or help on.
  • I am looking for an attorney to perform collection services for me or my company.
  • I or my company have been sued, and I need an attorney to defend me and/or my company.
  • I was hurt while working, and am having problem getting worker’s compensation from my employer.
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